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Welcome! Here you'll find a variety of heart healing offerings to help you on your journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and freedom.

     Book a healing session and register for an event. 

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"When we awaken to the goodness of who we are, everything changes."

- Alicia Christine Beach 

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Guided Meditation & Breathwork

Group Offering - On Break 

This is your time to take a moment to explore. You will have the opportunity to connect with your mind, body and enhance your well-being through the meditation and the breath.

Ruah Breathing Circle

Healing Sessions

Mind, Body Wellness  ( 1 on 1 ) Sessions

In these private sessions we will meet for 90 minutes and I will guide you through emotional freedom techniques to help you break free. You will learn how to be present in your life and create the life that you so desire as a more healed, less reactive and gentle soul. 


In our time we will uncover places of pain, trauma and implement inner healing methods to connect with your mind, body and spirit on a deep level. 


I will teach and guide you on how to tap into your power to heal yourself through inner child and emotional wound healing, food/ substance addiction and detoxing from toxic relationships for example. My holistic coaching approach will help you heal habits and years of self sabotage and trauma locked in your mind, body and soul.  Each client is cared for from a trauma responsive approach and your path is curated based on your needs and your dosha to help you create a healthy lifestyle and recovery plan. 


Techniques for healing may include: 

Breathwork & Pranyama


Yoga Nidra




Ayurveda  (Lifestyle & Nutrition) 

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Journaling & Easy Movement 


Every embodiment practice will help you lean in closer to your true self and give you what you need to continue to nourish yourself. Are you ready to change your life? 

Zen Zone

Sunday Reset  

 In Person Meditation & Self Care Gathering  Sunday, November 26, 2023
11:30 am - 1:30 pm EST
Bethlehem, PA 

Do you need a moment to think, breathe and just be? 

What if you gave yourself a few moments to rest, calm your mind and body, and share the space with other people on the healing path?  

Come share the Sunday afternoon with me and the ladies of P.E.T.A.L.S of a Woman Tribe to explore mindfulness practices. We will have a time of breathwork, meditation, and indulge in light healthy bites. 


Our intention is to curate a space for us to unwind, breathe, heal, and enjoy the company of other women elevating their self-development and healing journeys. 

Let's embrace tranquility and inner peace together. Don't miss this opportunity to nurture your mind and soul.



  Join us IRL. Learn more at the tab below

Breathe Stretch Meditate
  • What if I don’t have time to make these coaching calls?
    You’re going to want to clear your schedule for 2-3 hours per week to make our calls and complete the inner work assignments. Sessions can be rescheduled as needed via appointment link. What will we be doing in the breathing sessions? I will guide you through intentional joy journaling and controlled breathing. You will learn to breathe deeply and mindfully to improve your emotional state, decrease anxiety and stress and sleep deeper. This is your time to rest and recover.
  • Is this program for single women only?
    Of course not! Women of all relationship statuses are welcomed to join in on this journey of freedom. This program is for women who want to focus on healing their emotional wounds and reconnect deeply with themselves.
  • What if I am not currently processing emotional pain?
    Women in any season of her life will benefit from trauma informed teachings that cover self- honor, boundary setting and nervous system regulation.
  • Are payment plans available?
    Yes, you can find a payment plan in the check-out area.
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