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MeET Alicia

Wellness Advocate | Breathwork Facilitator | Yoga Instructor Writer | Educator | Womanist | Minister | Spirit Led Entrepreneur

Alicia is the founder of Divine Womanhood, an organization whose mission supports women who have been impacted by intimate partner abuse and dating violence. She is an intimate partner violence survivor and educator. She is committed to healing and is currently conquering a rare autoimmune condition through a holistic healing plan. Alicia is a scholar serving to increase awareness around the correlation between black womanhood, stress, relational traumas, and our health. 

She is passionate about total healing and helping women find solidarity, practical resources, and emotional support through her organization and offerings. Divine Womanhood also curates live and online events for women to find community,  heal, exhale, and make deep connections. 

Through her vulnerable writing style, Alicia encourages her audiences to embrace their voice, embrace joy and deepen their faith and spirituality practices to heal. 

Alicia holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree and is an avid reader. She dreams of island living as she writes more content on healing and the black womanhood experience. Scroll for more...

My Story

*Please note, reading may cause activation* 


Born into a long lineage of Black American educators and preachers, I grew up surrounded by consistent rituals of worship. Faith was familiar and so was emotional pain. 

As a child I was bullied for my weight and appearance and as a teen my self worth was maligned. I sought validation from dangerous people. By 17, I had experienced several accounts of dating violence and experienced constant cycles of abuse and addiction throughout my young adult life. Rejection and hopelessness plagued so much of my life but a lot of it went unnoticed because I learned how to stay busy and hide my pain. 

After graduating college, I ran around New York City working in fashion houses and music labels, trying to solidify my career as an entertainment journalist. 

In 2011, depressed, broken and fearful I considered ending my life. On this day, I had a spiritual encounter and I soon quit the gigs and “rededicated my life to God.” I experienced much healing and joy.  

My wandering led me back to my parents' home where I spent the summer reading the Bible. I was convinced in my heart that I’d find my “purpose,” in the sacred book. I went to a theological institution and worked my way through serving vulnerable youth and children in shelters and convalescent centers. 

In 2015, I earned the degree, traveled leading worship and worked in several ministries. 

In 2020, I thought that I would do this all my life until the pain cut too deep to hide. I fled Chicago, where the heaviness was palpable from America’s summer of reckoning. I began my journey divesting from white evangelicalism and its harmful doctrine. Sick and tired of the years of hustle. Sick of the business of church, sick of broken promises in relationships….




Spiritual abuse. 


Dating Violence.

I quit.  

I made my way back home where I began to work as an intimate partner abuse counselor, the same place I served and found healing as a young adult woman years prior. I cried with women who had been trafficked. I did deep breathing alongside them. I helped them process the shadows and their dark soul of the night. I found this work deeply fulfilling and healing. As I embarked on another dimension of my life and healing journey in this season, I then experienced more heartache, vicarious trauma and violence. 

My body popped. 

In the beginning of 2022 I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune. My body had been speaking for a while but this time, I was listening closely. Stress, generational trauma and the pandemic's impact took a toll on me. I began to do more healing work. I also had to slow down and I work through trauma lodged in my body. 

This was a catalyst moment. Receiving a chronic illness diagnosis changed everything for me and I fiercely devoted myself to healing my mind, body and spirit on a deeper level. 

Leaning into wellness and mindfulness is a daily practice of mine that I flow in unashamed and authentically. I have found much freedom as I study and lead breathwork sessions, deepen my meditation practice, converse with safe communities and consume womanist and liberation literature. I will always be a student of life. Today, I rest. Today, I meditate. Today, I hold space for us to live liberated. 

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“Refuse to stay in the margins, silencing your needs, and clinging to a mindset of insecurity. Take a seat at the table. You're worthy" - Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis

I use my intutive knowledge, spiritual gifts and experience in trauma recovery to help you on a similar path of healing. My offerings serve as a space for you to learn and practice somatic techniques. My trauma informed approach focuses supporting you as you release emotional and physical pain from the body and experience transformation. 

We don’t have to share our stories to validate our experiences, the choice belongs to us. I share from and for freedom. I share to break stigmas and dispel ignorance. I serve in hopes that you feel less alone. 

I see you and I am committed to empowering you on your healing journey and path to joy and renewal. 

Study & Practice 

Trauma Informed Certification, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Breath Coach Certification, The Yogabody Teachers College 

Basics Principles of Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Experiencing International 

Healing Sexual Trauma: A Professional Training in Trauma-Informed Care, The Breath Network

Trauma Responsive Mind-Body Wellness & Somatic Healing Teacher Training, Rituals for Recovery 

Chopra Health Enrichment & Certification - In Progress

The YogaLoft Bethlehem - RYT-200 - In Progress 

M.A. Christian Education, KY


Bachelors, Lincoln University of PA 

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