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Transform Stress into Strength

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Empower Your Audience with Proven Wellness Strategies That Optimize Their Energy

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Maintaining Wellbeing Is More Crucial Than Ever

In the bustling pace of modern workplaces and entrepreneurship maintaining mental, emotional, and physical well-being is more crucial than ever. Especially when it comes to enjoying a quality of life that allows you to be fully present for the people and activities you love. This is why Alicia brings her broad expertise in holistic health practices directly to your professional environment, offering engaging workshops & keynotes that are science backed and tailored to meet your audience's unique needs.


Rooted in the principle of optimizing performance through well-being, discover how embracing wellness can revitalize your workforce and foster a more productive, harmonious workplace:


Burnout To Bliss

Navigating Stress and Overwhelm from the Workplace

Step away from the brink of burnout and towards a state of blissful efficiency! 'Burn Out to Bliss' offers actionable strategies to combat stress, reduce 'lifestyle inflammation,' and revitalize your team's energy and productivity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize Burnout: Learn to identify the early signs of burnout and understand its impact on work and personal life.

  • Manage Lifestyle Inflammation: Discover strategies to reduce 'lifestyle inflammation' and improve overall well-being.

  • Implement Somatic Wellness: Apply somatic practices to reduce stress and enhance resilience in the face of workplace challenges.

Outdoor Work Meeting


Soulful Wellness

Ayurveda for Women of Color Managing Chronic Illness

Dive into the rich traditions of Ayurveda tailored for women of color, discovering personalized pathways to health that honor both your heritage and your unique wellness needs."

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Your Dosha: Gain insights into your Ayurvedic constitution and learn how it influences your health.

  • Balance Through Ayurveda: Explore personalized strategies for diet, sleep, and stress management based on your dosha.

  • Community and Support: Leverage the power of community to enhance resilience and share in a collective healing journey.

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My Promise

I am committed to delivering not just information, but transformation. Each workshop is crafted to resonate deeply with its participants, ensuring that they leave not only more informed but also empowered to make lasting changes. With customization at the heart of my approach, I ensure that the content and strategies align perfectly with the specific needs and goals of your team.


Redefine Wellness In The Workplace

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