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Are You Ready to Become the...

shame-less woman, that you deserve to be?

If you're ready to transform your life and heal from the pain of trauma and abuse, Life Spree is the perfect transformational program for you. We pair practical principles with emotional wellness and breathwork/meditation techniques to help you find joy, confidence, and healing in your everyday life. With Life Spree, you'll learn how to embody the most attractive trait of all - a healed heart and healthy soul. Join us on this lavish journey of self-discovery and healing. Together, we can create a life that's worth living!

Yes! I'm Ready!
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What if you could live the truest and happiest version of yourself without life’s disappointment always derailing your progress?

What if you could live out the truest fullest happiest version of yourself without fear of rejection and low self-esteem? 

What would your life look like if you could move beyond the shame of your past and become the radiant woman you desire to be once and for all? 

What if the pain of your past no longer held your personal joy hostage? 

Your answers to these questions can seem a bit haunting and even uncomfortable to seek out when you long for healing and feel stuck in pain of your past. 

You have experienced much, and you don’t have to spend your anymore of your life hoping and wishing that you could rewrite yesterday. You have the gift of the PRESENT and FUTURE. You made it this far in your life journey! 

While you are alive and moving through life, there are some scars that you carry and wounds that you have not faced to heal. Facing your pain is scary, BUT I also know the joy of a heart that has healed, a mind that is at peace and life in the radiance of forgiveness. 

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I want to introduce to you...

Life Spree

 90 day personal development and Somatic healing intensive. 

You’re more than worthy. 

You have been created for a specific time and purpose. Although you may not understand why trauma has been a factor in your life, if doesn’t have to be your lifelong theme. 

Abuse of any kind is damaging to the mind, body and soul of a woman.  If you have been impacted by sexual, emotional, physical or spiritual abuse you will either continue in the cycle of abuse, live broken for your lifespan or you can choose to HEAL and live in freedom. 


Your sense of identity needs restoration.

Your heart needs to mend, and this takes time that you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t have. 

Perhaps you’ve moved cities to escape the familiar voice of brokenness, but it seems as if the same sad songs are stuck on repeat.  


THERE IS HOPE …. And you can experience safety and loving-kindness that has always been waiting for you! 

I know you question if you will ever be happy, if you will ever rebuild your womanhood, esteem and if you will ever be whole enough to be the woman of your dreams. 

You CAN and …


You have a lot of life ahead of you and so much to hope for but transforming from a broken woman to one that believes in the hope of a new life takes intentionality. 


Your healing can manifest with positive daily actions, inner declarations that crush fear, by developing confidence, and choosing to abandon your current life crisis.  You can create and learn how to embrace a life that you’re genuinely excited to live each day and one without shame. 


Honestly, healing from trauma and healing your wounds isn’t easy. There are some things you gravitate toward because of years of toxic relationships and patterns BUT you were designed for MORE than brokenness. You were created to experience a BOUNTIFUL LIFE! 


You must take time and repair your heart and life because you deserve to be a woman that no longer settles for “this is just how it is” every time familiar pain leaves a package at your door. 


You get to decide how to handle uninvited pain. 



  • You are more powerful than you believe, and you can overcome the residue that shame has left

  • You can increase love and honor for yourself so you can be free emotionally and love that little girl inside of you who still wants to be accepted.

  • You can regain your personal autonomy and defining safety for yourself through survivor centered advocacy and trauma informed empowerment.

If you want to learn how to transcend your pain, heal your emotions and become the joyful, shame-less woman that you desire to be, keep reading…..

You understand that you need be whole, but life keeps you hiding and exhausted. You may even replay the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s and self-medicate with things that won’t heal you. 

Healing is your birthright.

You don’t want to be afraid of abandonment anymore. You don’t want to be afraid of rejection anymore. You’ve wonder what it would be like to learn how to be soft and vulnerable enough to be known. 


You want to use your voice again and believe in the power of who you are! It’s time to get unstuck from decision paralysis about what you should do to revamp your life, heal your heart and live freely. 

Can you take a moment to dream again? 

Imagine having the courage, calm and confidence to live out your dream life… 


Imagine being excited about your life and loving without the fear of failure and rejection hanging over your head. Imagine life beyond the memories of abuse taking up your heart space? 

  • You could be free from timidity and depending on people for love and validation 

  • You could cultivate the courage to start over 

  • You could have joy that daily fuels your tenacity to accomplish your personal and professional goals 

  • You could attract friends and loved ones who honor your boundaries and respect you

  • You could be living openhearted 

  • You could have the discernment to recognized misaligned relationships and possess the courage and poise to disconnect from confidence killers 

  • You could be free to share your story without shame of your past to and empower women who need to know that they too can heal and reinvent their lives after trauma


If you want to learn how to heal and use your pain to transform into the most authentic and radiant version of yourself so you can unscramble your life and start fresh. 
I want you to join me on a LIFE SPREE!

A 90 Day Life Transformation from Trauma to Living Free

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Here’s what Brianna said about Alicia’s Programs

Because of the program I now feel like I am ready for my self-love journey, healing journey, and overall, my purpose. Prior to taking the program I was afraid of walking in purpose and not being obedient to what God was asking of me because I felt so unworthy due to the trauma and past mistakes that took place in my life. I was very hurt and my heart was a little hardened. 

The level of confidence and worthiness I felt after what was poured into me cannot be translated into words. I’ve learned so much that even if I didn’t take it all in at that moment as I reflect back it was very needed and necessary for my now as I continue on my journey & in purpose. I would recommend any woman who is in need of healing and transformation to take this program it will forever change their lives and their perspective on the value of healing.

My 12 week Program Breaks Down in 3 Simple Parts

There is so much peace and healing that will unfold for you inside of the LIFE SPREE PROGRAM
Part One: Identify & Unlearn : Understand Trauma and Heal Your Wounded Feminine 
Part Two: Lovingkindness : Flex forgiveness to yourself & Amplify A healthy Inner Voice
Part Three: Daily Practice -Navigate responding to toxic stress with contemplation, meditation  & movement 
Breathwork & Meditation Sessions are in each phase of the program

What makes the Life Spree Program different? 

Life Spree is the first program of its kind to pair practical principles, emotional wellness, spirituality and somatic healing techniques into a program specifically designed for women who want to heal from the weight of trauma and heartache. 


The result: a past that you can understand, honor and a future that you courageously choose to embark on. The lessons and techniques that you will learn and apply are gems that you will use to navigate through life’s challenges and milestones. You will become a new woman. 

This container is not as simple as personal development program but rather a space to be and grow.  It's a healing intensive to empower you with methods to look at your wounds, heal your scars and build a healthy foundation for the life that you not only deserve but one the one that you were divinely designed to live.

This program is about embodying one of the highest vibrational traits and this being a healed heart and healthy soul. 


Are you ready to partner with me to help you propel your life from a painful cycle into a lavish journey of daily joy, confidence, and healing? 

Healthy Woman
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Life Spree

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Life Spree

Life Spree

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Life Spree

When you enroll, you’ll receive

The Life Spree Guide Framework over (6) live teaching sessions
90-minute Community Healing Circles 

and more!

join now for just  $900


GET ready to splurge on joy-inducing actions and let’s toast in advance to the healed, authentic YOU and to overflowing abundance! 

Payment plans are available. 

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I’m Alicia Christine and I am glad you landed on this page reading through the possibilities for your new life and beautiful future. 


After my own experiences with intimate partner abuse and battles with rejection, loss, emotional brokenness and physical illness.. I chose to embark on my healing journey and left no stone unturned.  My healing journey included learning self, healing from my past to become a more contemplative woman who loves her life and even learning self-soothing and healing techniques of somatic experiencing. I went on to serve women and young adults in convalescent centers, group homes and safe houses where I learned and implemented these exact tools in this program to empower many women through very tough seasons of life to ones filled with hope and restoration. 


I believe that you will overcome the pain that has impacted you to the core. As we partner and use practical healing modalities, I know your life will never be the same. 


Cheers to a bountiful journey!

  • What if I don’t have time to make these coaching calls?
    You’re going to want to clear your schedule for 2-3 hours per week to make our calls and complete the inner work assignments. Sessions can be rescheduled as needed via appointment link. What will we be doing in the breathing sessions? I will guide you through intentional joy journaling and controlled breathing. You will learn to breathe deeply and mindfully to improve your emotional state, decrease anxiety and stress and sleep deeper. This is your time to rest and recover.
  • Is this program for single women only?
    Of course not! Women of all relationship statuses are welcomed to join in on this journey of freedom. This program is for women who want to focus on healing their emotional wounds and reconnect deeply with themselves.
  • What if I am not currently processing emotional pain?
    Women in any season of her life will benefit from trauma informed teachings that cover self- honor, boundary setting and nervous system regulation.
  • Are payment plans available?
    Yes, you can find a payment plan in the check-out area.


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