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Meditation Coach
Hey! Welcome to Your New 

healing space

I help you heal, recover and dream again. I'm Alicia Christine, a holistic wellness guide and Meditation Coach. I partner with women to help you amplify the truest version of yourself beyond the weight of trauma.

It's Time to exhale
And Become The Most Authentic You

I hold space with individuals who need support recovering and navigating adversity, as a Meditation Coach. I identify unhealthy lifestyle and relationship patterns to prevent more harm, stress, and illness. Freedom and healing can be experienced as we learn and unlearn, give ourselves honor, and practice somatic expressions like deep breathing, meditation, yoga, movement, and writing. I take a holistic approach to your life healing.


I’m honored that you’re here.

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Meditation Coach

You're Not Alone, I'll Walk With You

Hey I'm Alicia! Your

Meditation Coach

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Meditation Coach | Wellness Advocate | Certified Breathwork Facilitator | Writer | Trauma Recovery Coach |  Womanist | Minister | Spirit Led Entrepreneur

 I'm Alicia Christine, trauma-informed meditation coach, writer, and wellness facilitator. I am called to help individuals overcome trauma and live happier, healthier lives.

I know that you’ve been through some stuff, and as a meditation coach, I have too. I understand the courage it takes to acknowledge your adversity and traumatic experiences. When we allow the nervous system to finally rest through the BREATH, we, as meditation coaches, can begin to identify and release pain, trapped emotions, and dis-ease in our bodies. Inner work isn’t easy, but as a meditation coach, I believe it’s worth it. I hope to be a meditation coach that helps you along this path, together we’ll unlock healing.

What's My Biggest Goal for You?


Coaching & Mindfulness has allowed my clients to...

Regain their voices after emotional pain and unresolved hurt

Give themselves permission to rest even if that means taking 10 minutes to just breathe. Create new wellness habits.

Redefine themselves on their terms and become more present and inspired to reach their life dreams 

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let's get started

Ways We Can Start Your Healing Journey




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Stories, Healing Gems & Inspiration
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Kind Words

"Ruah Breathing with Alicia has been a wonderful addition to my wellness and self care routine . Incorporating breath work into my life daily has been very beneficial. Alicia patiently guides you through every session as well as providing insight , helpful tips and education to help you along the way. I think everyone should try this at least once , you don't realize how much intentional breathing changes things until you pause and take a second for yourself. You're more than worth it , and you will not regret investing in these sessions."

Ashley J.

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