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Amplify Your True Self with Meditation

Updated: 3 days ago

Finding inner peace and tranquility can be challenging in our fast-paced and hectic world. That's why meditation is so beneficial.

In this article, I’m getting into how meditation can alter your life for the better. Meditation changed my life when I was initially diagnosed with a chronic illness. I meditated while practicing breathwork but it wasn’t until I struggled with mobility that I knew I needed something more, something to help me heal on a a deeper level. Some days, I couldn’t get out of bed, all I could do was use my mind and heart for spiritual strength. Meditation played a huge role in lifting my consciousness and countenance.

Mindful Awareness

A foundational belief of meditation is awareness. As you begin to meditate, you will discover new things about yourself and also be faced with emotions that may be difficult to sit with because they may be painful. You may also struggle with what you discover because you haven’t sat with yourself with intention and self-compassion. In meditation, you have a chance to notice your thoughts and feelings.

Meditation helped me get clear mentally and available in my heart space. My intentionality to heal my heart, forgive myself, and others, and embody more love was an overflow of committing to meditating. I didn’t have to anticipate what I would feel in my body or where my thoughts would go in meditation. I gave myself space to just take the journey for the 30-minute sessions or whatever time I had for the practice.

Sitting with myself helped me to become aware of how goodness, pain, and comfort felt in my body and how my brain responded. This process of reflecting on what happened in meditation will take some time, especially when you are new to the practice and all that your body wants to do is take a nap! No shame here, if you fall asleep, you need that rest. Falling asleep is confirmation that you were present enough to relax and slip into lalaland.

Inner Peace Through Guided Meditation

When I began to practice guided meditation online with a guide, I experienced emotional freedom and knew that I wanted to facilitate moments like these for others.

Today, I lead clients on a transformative journey toward inner peace. Yes my voice aids in the experience, but it’s the intention of the listener that makes a big difference. When you have someone to help you guide your meditation, it is easier to connect with the routine of doing it. In virtual meditation circles, you can easily connect, tap in and meet other like-minded people who too are seeking emotional freedom and healing. When you feel safe, the true can show up. In meditation, you learn what safety feels like in the mind and body.

When Your Mind Wanders

Your mind will wander. You will go down rabbit trails. What’s so wrong with that? Where did you learn that you have to have “ mental decorum” while you meditate? Let your mind wander. For those who are healing trauma and abuse the amygdala is doing what it needs to do to adjust and repair in somatic practices such as meditation and breathwork. Be kind to yourself in your healing journey including, allowing your mind to run wild. You can always recenter and this is when having a meditation guide is helpful to gently guide you back to mindful awareness.

Through exploration and practice, I introduce clients to a range of meditation techniques, including focused attention meditation, loving-kindness meditation, body scanning and the emotional freedom technique “tapping.” Through discovery and practice, all are welcome to discover the techniques that resonate with them, allowing them to grow and discover themselves.

Balance and Serenity

Who are you when you’re not stressed, overworked, grinding or planning the next thing? Can you imagine the things you could allow yourself to enjoy if you were not perpetually living in go mode? Many people struggle with having a healthy rhythm of life and work. You are not to blame for the culture of overworking and productivity that you live in but you are responsible to resist it for the sake of your wellbeing. It is your responsibility to reconnect to your mind and body so you may experience grounding and personal peace.

When you make time to rest, meditate and focus on your mind-body wellness, you will begin to recover from stress. It has taken me a long time to begin to heal from years of moving way too fast and internalizing stress. It’s a beautiful unraveling.

As you heal through mind-body practices, you will notice what brings you pain in your body, where and how long it occurs, and will have a personal tool to navigate stressful situations. Through mindfulness practices, relaxation exercises, and breathwork techniques, you will experience a reduction in stress levels and have an increased sense of balance and serenity.


As part of my meditation coaching methods, I’m intentional about helping you experience deep relaxation and aid in soothing the nervous system. For many of us, our minds and bodies have been impacted by our world and personal history in profound ways. Through the intention of meditation to heal, you will begin to do just that, find calm amidst the chaos.

To begin your meditation practice or keep up with your practice, join me Wednesdays Mornings for Meditation.

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